Getting Started with Free Pokies

By 23 January 2021

If you are a casino player, you will likely prefer playing games online than at land-based casinos. There are more benefits that come with gambling at online casinos and one of them is that you can play games for free. In this guide, we'll explain how free pokies work and the advantages of playing them. We've written this guide to be interesting to read and also informative. If you are interested in reading detailed reviews of different kinds of casino games, you can check out online-casino-nz

Are Free Pokies Really Free?

Yes, they are. It may seem difficult to believe that an online casino will offer its games in free mode, but the truth is that they do. They offer pokies for free so that players can get test the games, get more comfortable playing it, and then find it easy to play the real money versions. There are several types of pokies which you will find at online casinos, and all these pokies are available for free. The popular types of online pokies are:

  • Branded pokies
  • Progressive pokies
  • 3D pokies
  • Classic pokies
  • Multiplier pokies

Free pokies are similar in many ways to real money pokies. In truth, free pokies are the same as real money pokies, except that you will be playing them for free. What this means, in essence, is that you will get the same entertainment from both games. The requirements for playing free pokies are not that hard. No registration is required and you also don't need to download any app. As long as you have a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, you can play free online pokies.

One thing you need to know about free pokies is that you cannot win real money when playing them. They are free games that serve the purpose of letting players test the features. This means that if you are able to trigger a particular feature in a real money pokie, you can as well trigger the same feature in its free versions. While no money can be won on free pokies, there are several awesome benefits from playing them. We'll explain these benefits in the next section.


The Benefits of Free Pokies

One of the first benefits of free pokies is that players who want to learn how to play the game can use it to practice. They can get familiar with the gameplay and all the rules that have been included in the game. Besides that, free pokies also come with the advantage of being able to test strategies. You can use develop and test several gaming strategies on the free games to see if they can help you boost your winning chances when you start playing the real money versions.

As we've previously mentioned, free games do not give you a chance to win real money. So if you want a chance to win real money, what you need to do is to play real money pokies. You will have to join an online casino with a good selection of pokies. We suggest that whichever casino you want to choose should be a licensed casino that has a good reputation. You can as well check our suggested list of the best online pokies casinos.